Adult Guardianship Services NZ​


Care and Welfare Guardianship Order - This is where a person is appointed as the Guardian to support a person around decision making in relation to the services, supports and care the person receives. The role of guardian is that they MUST consult with the person as much as possible, and to always act in their best interest. Decisions can relate to any health related needs, living arrangements and/or daily activities. Generally only one person is appointed as the guardian, however there are rare cases where two people are appointed. Orders generally go for 3 years, but can go for 5 years in some cases.

Property Administrator Order- This is a role to provide decision making support for someone who receives less than $20,000 in income and has less than $5000 in assets and property. The role of an administrator is to ensure the person is supported to make sound financial decisions and is not exploited, or likely to get into financial trouble. They administer the person's funds and MUST consult with the person as much as possible. There can be more than one person who takes up this role. Orders go for 3 years.

Property Manager Order- This is an appointment made for someone who has more than$20,000 in income, and more than $5000 in assets and needs support around financial decisions to protect them from exploitation and/or financial deprivation. They also MUST consult as much as possible, and work in the best interests of the individual. It can be more than one person who takes up the role of Property manager. Generally Orders last for 3 years.

Personal Order - This is an Order that can be specific to the person's need.  An example might be to have an Operation, or to move to another service.  It can be time limited or last for 3 years.