Adult Guardianship Services NZ​




We believe in empowering people to understand and make their own decisions. Our Advocates sit alongside individuals to enable them to speak up, be heard and have action taken. It is often vital that advocacy comes from someone with no vested interest in the outcome, and is also there to give an individual the strength and confidence to get what they want and/or need.

Supported Decision making

Often individuals who struggle with decision making benefit enormously from having important people in their life supporting them to process, understand and make important decisions in their life. We provide facilitation and support with the 'Supported Decision making' process ensuring the person is first and foremost, which results in the person getting the best outcome.

Legal Welfare Guardianship

We provide resources that support individuals to apply for guardianship where it is in the person's best interest to have one appointed. We can provide application packs or fill in documents on a person's behalf. In cases where there is no other such person to take up the role of guardian, and it is in their best interests to have one appointed we will take up the appointment.